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Posted by on Aug 27, 2019 in Games, Gaming guide |

Useful tips for Stardew Valley – How to make money quick (part 1)

Useful tips for Stardew Valley – How to make money quick (part 1)

The succesful version on PC, Xbox One and PS4 of Stardew Valley has inspried the development of adorable watercolour farming simulator on Nintendo Switch. The port will bring both Ninty fans and fans of Stardew Valle all the portable farming fun that they could have ever hoped for.

Stardew Valley is a farming sim similar to Harvest Moon, in which player inherit a farm and learn to tend the farm, raise animals and crops, and build reputatiom in the local community. At the start, you need to get to grips with everything that Stardew has to offer, and we’re here with a bunch of tips to make your life a little simpler.

How to make money quickly in Stardew Valley

To getting started, player will be given 500g or 500 pieces of shiny gold which will quickly burn out after a few purchases. And, you’ll be left scratching your head as to how to make more without waiting for days for your harvest to grow. Although, there’s technically no quick way to rake in the gold in Stardew Valley, but there are a few things that you can do to usher the cash into your account a little faster.

Invest in crops as soon as possible

Quickly pack your bag with turnip seeds, and plant those straight away. After plan them on your little garden, Don’t forget to water them with the can, otherwise they’re never going to grow.
After that, invest your money wisely and carefully in more seeds. Initially, we recommend investing in two or three Cauliflower seeds as they cost 80g, but worth much more to sell. Also pick up some potatoes which is great as there’s a chance they’ll yield another potato spud, meaning you get more dollar. Plus, they only take six days to grow, meaning you’ll soon have more gold.

Learn about the most valuable crops per season

The cauliflowers are the most valuable crops for spring, but you must know about the most valuable crops of other season as well if you’re going to make a kill in Stardew Valley. Take a look at the minimum price of each crop in each season in the first year and bear in mind that things like green beans, hot peppers and other crops will yield more than one crop per harvest.

Another trick is to save up for the Greenhouse, which allow you to grow crops regardless of weather and season including during the winter.