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Posted by on Oct 19, 2019 in Gaming guide |

How to play Car Battle mode in Rules Of Survival (Part 2)

How to play Car Battle mode in Rules Of Survival (Part 2)

Always keep in mind the map and the circle in the game

At the start you will appear in any position with the group on the selected vehicle instead of skydiving as before. Of course we can’t jump the whole car.

The task of the player is to loot and destroy the enemies

Your job now is to use the weapon to smash crates to get guns, ammunition for the entire team in his car. Only one member who is designated as a driver will be able to do nothing but act as a driver.

Break down wooden crates to accept items

In Raid mode there are many support items for vehicles that you should know to use. Like springs to help the car jump, equipment to help the car recover from injury, equipment to help stealth vehicles or fuel tanks to add fuel to the car.

Use special items for vehicles

When encountering any enemy, do not regret the bullets but discharge all into the enemy car offline. Otherwise, the person who exploded in the car will be your team.

Detect enemies and exterminate with all fire

If you see a light pole you can move there, attack an iron chest and claim an extremely special reward, a helicopter.

The light column that appears is hearing

Helicopters will replace cars with similar functions, and the advantage is that they can fly at higher altitudes and observe, moving or picking up the same thing.

Airplanes are the greatest reward of hearing

Using aircraft will help you have a better view, easier to pursue enemies and enemies are more difficult to pursue, this is a great advantage from hearing.

Advantage of movement and vision

Car War is the rank mode, so Car War players need to know to be more serious in this mode. If you are eliminated early, you will likely be downgraded, so you need to know some basic ways to play Great Raid or use BlueStacks to play Rules of Survival to get better results.

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