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Posted by on Mar 1, 2019 in Gaming guide |

FIFA 19 Best Defensive Formation 2019

FIFA 19 Best Defensive Formation 2019


FIFA 19 supplies a new Dynamic Tactics screen which helps you customize and switch up on the fly your formation. Due to this, there’s no longer only one defensive formation to rule all because you can easily change from Defensive to Ultra-defensive strategies. There are some FIFA 19 Defensive formations and tactics so that you can set up your team to defend effectively.

  • There’s a FIFA 19 brand new formation called 4-1-3-2. It is ideal for building your Ultra-Defensive strategy and slightly bringing back a CM to help with defense. When it comes to defensive tactics, you should take a look at Drop Back, which helps to preserve the shape of your team while moving every player back to defend. Your strikers will be more passive, however, the defense will be rock-solid.
  • When it comes to Player Instructions, assign all CM and defenders with the Stay Back While Attacking instruction. You can alter this to leave out the midfielders for Defensive Game Plan, but make sure that your defenders are still staying back.
  • For Defensive Game Plan, you’d better adopt the 4-3-3 Defensive formation. This will keep plenty of support, especially if you set your free kicks bars and corners down to around 3, counter attacks will be able to quickly dealt with.
  • In this 4-3-3 Defensive Formation, set Defensive tactics to Pressure on Heavy touch to make sure that you have enough players to be back if the ball goes loose and ends up in the possession of the

How to Defend Crosses in FIFA 19

If not defended correctly, crosses can be deadly in FIFA 19. The ability to stop an attacking play is very important, and there’s not any single tip for every type of cross you’ll be encountering. There are some all-around good tips when defending crosses in this game.

  • Stopping a through ball cross to a winger – If an opponent is advancing towards goal, a common move is that one of their wingers will make a run up to accept a through ball pass. In this case, hold R1/RB to have a second defender to move towards the receiver, then using the right stick to switch to them. Then start moving towards the corner flag to fill the space where the attacker is planning to run.


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