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Posted by on Jul 27, 2019 in Technology |

Far Cry 5 guide and tips for new players (part 1)

Far Cry 5 guide and tips for new players (part 1)

This Far Cry 5 tutorial will provide you with tips and experiences, especially for people who are new to the early stages of the game, making it easier to enter the game.

Anyone who has just installed Far Cry 5 will need a set of Far Cry 5 instruction tips for the initial stage. This is an important stage for you to prepare the best and fast forward to avoid unnecessary mistakes that take time in the game.

The first impression is not too special Unlike the initial expectations, Far Cry 5 gives the first experience quite normal if not to say it was a little uncomfortable. The guide for Far Cry 5 for newcomers gives you basic experience at the beginning. Compared to Far Cry 4, this part has many other changes in the play mechanism so you also need to be careful even though you have experienced playing this game for a long time.

The Boomer dog is not a priority choice

Many curious gamers want to own this 4-legged character. A large number of players choose the first direction to Fall’s End instead of another area to open this dog. However, when you look carefully, the Boomer is a specialist in scouting, it is only suitable for those who choose to sneak like a ninja.

Normal warriors because it attacks with melee, it must cross a path to rush to the enemy while the enemy can fire continuously and injure the dog. So if you calculate solo, the enemy always has an advantage over Boomer unless you have to attract firepower to Boomer to attack from behind. Grace Armstrong is an expert sniper and the opening of this character is not too far from Boomer.

If you choose the “go loud” route with the storms and bombs, you should replace Boomer with Fighter-type warriors and then open the specialist Grace Armstrong, she is an extremely powerful sniper that can support you from behind when fighting directly.

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