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Posted by on Feb 16, 2019 in Games |

How to Defend in FIFA 19, Best Defensive Formation to Use

How to Defend in FIFA 19, Best Defensive Formation to Use


You won’t be able to get far in FIFA 19 if you don’t have a solid defense. But it seems to be the most difficult thing to be good at in this game, especially when the defending and tackling have been overhauled once again for this year’s entry. We’ve pulled together some important defending tips and tricks. In this guide, we will show the way to defend and tackle in this game. We will take a look at what the defending controls are, the best defensive strategy to use in FIFA 19, and how to defend crosses.

These are some FIFA 19 Defending Tips below:

  1. Jockey – Don’t forget to use the Jockey button to finesse your movement. Hold LT or L2 and you will face the attacking player. Doing this, it is easier to side step and close down the space. All you need to do is getting close enough and then tapping circle to take the ball back.
  2. Slide Tackles – Although the Slide Tackles are always a risky move in other FIFA games, they are incredibly helpful in FIFA 19. If you do them at speed, and if you are close to a player, you’ll have the opportunity to win the ball. So take the chance whenever you can.
  3. 50/50 battles – This is a new tackling system which is introduced in FIFA 19. When you have the ball, hold the L2 button to shield against the opposing player. By doing this, any attacks against you will be judged through the new system, that weighs each player’s defensive stats up to determine the outcome.
  4. Use two defenders at once – When defending, you will notice that there is a transparent icon above one of your team’s other players, this is your second defender. So hold down R1 and that defending player will move to apply pressure, helping you block passing play. You can switch to the second defender by hitting L1.


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