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Posted by on Dec 9, 2019 in Gaming guide |

Instructions for beginners to playing BattleField 5 (Part 2)

Instructions for beginners to playing BattleField 5 (Part 2)

In that you just need to note that level 6 opens the M95/30, this is a very worth to play with many advantages that I will analyze later.

Next is level 9, which opens Throwing Knife, throwing knives instead of throwing grenades. This is suitable for you when the opponent approaches that you have not loaded.

The last important level for me is level 20, opening the Kar98K, this can be called the best sniper rifle for BF5 up to this point.

Pistol, you can choose Ruby, M1911 or Revolver depending on the shooting style, just try it and choose the most appropriate gun for you.

Now the map is familiar, you should choose Breakthrough play mode is the most popular play mode today. This mode is on the defensive side and on the attacking side. When the attacker occupies all the points, it will clear that sector and move on to the next sector.

The defending side needs to be able to prevent the other side from capturing all the flagpole at once.

Thus, you need to determine first where your spawn is, where your opponent’s spawn is. Map BF is very large compared to CS or CF so determining the direction is important.

You also need to observe a Mini map to know how your teammates are deploying, where there are barrels of ammunition and blood vessels. Remember to shoot sniper very quickly out of bullets, so if you do not play with Squad have teammates, you must pay attention to the points and blood.

Need to play at least each map 5-6 times to get used to these points, in the advanced tutorial video I will introduce some important points for sniper later.

Note that the sniper class but the same team (squad) will save each other (revive) each other so if feeling safe, please take some time to save your teammates and earn 200 points. Of course, if it is too dangerous, within the range of fire bullets, then it should be ignored.

The way to shoot sniper here is different from most other FPS games and it creates the characteristics of BF. Sniper here hit only takes 60-70 blood, only headshot is 1 shot 1 kill. Therefore, sniper headshot in BF is a must-have skill and that’s a trick.