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Posted by on Jan 13, 2019 in Games |

How to Score Goals in FIFA 19, Best Attacking Formation (part 1)

How to Score Goals in FIFA 19, Best Attacking Formation (part 1)

Maybe you have the best FIFA 19 team, but you still won’t win if you, the player, cannot score goals. There is a swath of new shooting mechanics in this game, however, it’s easier to squarely plant the ball in the back of the net. To help you be able to beat the keeper every time, we’ve put together this Shooting Guide of FIFA 19. This guide will show you the way to score many goals, to use timed finishing, to perform goal celebrations, and to defend well in FIFA 19.

How to Score in FIFA 19

Many FIFA 19 players feel comfortable using one type of shot for many times, which means that they could miss out on a lot of goals. Understanding multiple shot types is one tip to hit the back of the net every time. Therefore, it definitely pays to know your Low shot from Timed Finishes. We’ve listed some information on FIFA 19 shooting below for you to expand your attacking strategy and play style.

FIFA 19 Driven Shot – Best Shot for Scoring Goals

Driven Shot version is the new Low Shot of FIFA 19. It has been slightly tweaked, however, it remains one of the easiest ways to score goals in this game, especially useful when going one on one with the keeper, as it can find the bottom corner of the net almost every time. To perform the Low Shot, you must hold L1 and R1 and press shoot. Although only a first touch Low Shot by using a tap of the shoot button is also effective, you will want to hold the shoot button a little to charge your shot up. Make sure to slow down before doing this, and draw the keeper out of the goal. You will have enough space to slot it past them and should score nearly every time.