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Posted by on Sep 8, 2019 in Gaming guide |

How to play the whole GTA, perform GTA Vice City (Part 2)

How to play the whole GTA, perform GTA Vice City (Part 2)

On the car

– Move: As above

– Handbrake: Handbrake: Space or Num +

– Forward: Num 8

– leaning back: Num 5

– Tilt (rotate the barrel) to the right (Lean right / Turrent right): Num 6

– Tilt (rotate the barrel) to the left (Lean left / Turrent Left): Num 4

– Look to the left (Look left): Q or Num 1

– Look to the right (Look right): E or Num 3

2. Ride In Vice City

One of the habits of new players is to press the throttle button continuously, even when the car is blocked by another vehicle, trying to push it to one side. This method is very harmful and takes time. You should get into the habit of driving at a moderate speed, avoid collisions and brakes if necessary.

Turn quickly: when approaching the turn, release the forward button, press the hand brake button (handbrake) + left/right. When the car turns enough angle 90, release the other 2 buttons and accelerate. Using this method you will crab very quickly. Each vehicle has a brake at different levels and different traction.

– Get off the motorbike quickly: with the car, push the button out of the car while the car is running, Tommy will jump out of the car and lose some blood. For motorcycles, there is a way to not lose blood: push back + down, Tommy will always land with 2 legs and not lose blood. Very useful when you’re in a hurry and a few seconds of measuring the ground (if you dance in a normal way) can cause you to fail the task.

Car anti-roll: When the car is tilted to the left, press forward + left. When the car is tilted to the right, press + right. The car will regain its balance, but don’t push it too hard, so the car will lean to the other side.