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Posted by on Sep 28, 2019 in Technology |

5 useful tips for new players of Shadow of War game

5 useful tips for new players of Shadow of War game

Shadow of War is a large open world game with massive content, if you have never played the first part of Shadow of Mordor, maybe some people will feel quite confused when starting to play. So we have compiled 5 useful tips in the beginning of the game, hopefully they can help you.

Like the white towers in the first part, Middle Earth: Shadow of War introduces a new checkpoint system called the Temple of Haedir. In terms of use, they are identical to the old white towers: temporary respawn points when Talion is defeated, helping to move quickly between different lands.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War: 5 mẹo nhỏ hữu dụng cho người mới

Another trick to using the Haedir Temple for those who want to level up is that it allows you to speed up the time in the game, this does not affect the main story, but will cause the orc captain to level up.

You will have two things to do with the Worms, first to get information about the captain – their location, their strengths and their levels, and two to send a threat of life to a specific captain. This method will make the captain stronger, but in return you will have very good equipment when defeating him.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War: 5 mẹo nhỏ hữu dụng cho người mới

Worms are scattered all over the map, but pay attention because when Talion comes near they will run away, need to hurry up the Brand case to avoid wasting time chasing. The trick is to use Brand while in steath, so Talion will grab the Worms and get the information immediately.

Of course, buying lootbox also benefits from saving time, and giving players the excitement of randomly gambling. If you are addicted to this game, you should wait until the next stage, there will be more advanced lootbox unlocked containing Epic and Legendary equipment, then buying is the most convenient.

Shadow of War is that you can do quests to power up equipment, in Legendary level each item will have a mission of its own. Once completed they will unlock very powerful bonuses. So not every high-level item is good, you also need to pay attention to this bonus stat.

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Tips for Year One in Stardew Valley (part 1)

Tips for Year One in Stardew Valley (part 1)

You can not only making money in Stardew Valley, you can also make your farm whatever you want it to be. It’s up to you to make it become arable paradise, animal haven, or a combination of the two. As for you, you could choose to either become a professional miner or fisherman. 

We recommend you to try out a little bit of everything in Year One, and here’s how to make the most out of it. 

Don’t cry over lost onions

Stardew Valley has a lot of free things that you can forage just by walking around the town and its surroundings such as leeks, horseradishes, dandelions and daffodils growing the wild. Dandelions and leeks can restore energy and health when eaten as mining snacks, while daffodils can be sold for 30g a piece and wild horseradishes are worth 50g each. 
In Spring, remember to go to the south-east corner of the map to find a little farm that spawns spring onions every day. They only sell for 8g, but they’re a fantastic snack that restores energy for you to get items that sell for more. It would well worth the walk.

Always watch TV before bed

Such a normal routine in real life, but it would be extremely helpful for you to turn on the TV and flick through the channels before crawling into bed at the end of every day. You should check out the weather channel to have plan for the next day whether it’s sunny for you to focus on growing crops in the field or it’s going to rain and you’ll be able to plan to go down the mines instead. 
Besides, check out also the Survival and Cooking channels to learn handy tips, the occasional foraging advice, and recipes to increase your health and energy. The fortune teller channel is also worth to watch to find out if your chance of finding more rare items or fish more on the next day.

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The best indie games to play right now (part 2)

The best indie games to play right now (part 2)

This week we will introduce to you our top pick Exploration, survival, and building games. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Stardew Valley
Released: 2016 | Developed by ConcernedApe

Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG developed by indie designer Eric Barone from ConcernedApe. On the game, player is inherited an old farm plot from grandfather in Stardew Valley where he/she split your days between growing crops and befriending the locals, a colorful cast of eccentrics, and finding the soulmate. Player have chance to begin a new life, learn to live off the land, enjoy the pastoral fantasy of chicken ownership and mayonnaise profiteering and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home. Player can get super serious about maximizing your income, focusing on creating the perfect grid of profitable crops for each season, or just play around and enjoy the flow of the game while taking the occasional fishing trip or delving into the monster mines. With a little dedication, anyone can be the one to restore Stardew Valley to greatness. Stardew Valley is indeed the best farming/crafting game.

Kerbal Space Program
Released: 2015 | Developed by Squad

In Kerbal Space Program, player takes charge of the space program for the Kerbals alience race, in which she/he has access to an array of parts to assemble and builds a spacecraft based on realistic aerodynamic and orbital physics. Then, player must launch the spacecraft into space to explore moons and planets in the Kerbol solar system, constructing bases and space stations to expand the reach of the expedition. It seems to be pretty simple but it is actually not. Lots of things can go wrong. For example, constructing a vessel from Kerbal Space Program’s vast library of parts is confusing… However, player have the possibility to build many different types of ship, and use them to edge further and further out into the solar system.

Released: 2018 | Developed by Unknown Worlds

If you love diving, Subnautica is a wonderful opportunity to explore an alien aquarium but if you don’t, it is indeed a straight-up horrorshow. In Subnautica, player is equipped with survival stuff to descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with claustrophobic tunnels and beasts big enough to swallow you dead. Subnautica is a tense survival game where player must do things to survive day by day in a hostile alien ocean including craft equipment, pilot submarines and out-smart wildlife to explore the beautiful coral reefs, volcanoes, cave, and more.

Released: 2013 | Developed by Ed Key and David Kanaga

Proteus is a game of exploration and immersion in a dream-like island world where nature is simplified into evocative shapes and sounds. Player get to see curved hills, solid tree trunks, frogs burble while wandering over the island of pastel plants and animals. It is simple how you presence and observe the world.

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Far Cry 5 guide and tips for new players (part 1)

Far Cry 5 guide and tips for new players (part 1)

This Far Cry 5 tutorial will provide you with tips and experiences, especially for people who are new to the early stages of the game, making it easier to enter the game.

Anyone who has just installed Far Cry 5 will need a set of Far Cry 5 instruction tips for the initial stage. This is an important stage for you to prepare the best and fast forward to avoid unnecessary mistakes that take time in the game.

The first impression is not too special Unlike the initial expectations, Far Cry 5 gives the first experience quite normal if not to say it was a little uncomfortable. The guide for Far Cry 5 for newcomers gives you basic experience at the beginning. Compared to Far Cry 4, this part has many other changes in the play mechanism so you also need to be careful even though you have experienced playing this game for a long time.

The Boomer dog is not a priority choice

Many curious gamers want to own this 4-legged character. A large number of players choose the first direction to Fall’s End instead of another area to open this dog. However, when you look carefully, the Boomer is a specialist in scouting, it is only suitable for those who choose to sneak like a ninja.

Normal warriors because it attacks with melee, it must cross a path to rush to the enemy while the enemy can fire continuously and injure the dog. So if you calculate solo, the enemy always has an advantage over Boomer unless you have to attract firepower to Boomer to attack from behind. Grace Armstrong is an expert sniper and the opening of this character is not too far from Boomer.

If you choose the “go loud” route with the storms and bombs, you should replace Boomer with Fighter-type warriors and then open the specialist Grace Armstrong, she is an extremely powerful sniper that can support you from behind when fighting directly.

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How to Build the Best Ultimate Team in FIFA 19

How to Build the Best Ultimate Team in FIFA 19

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) has become the flagship mode in FIFA 19 for a few years and this year is no exception. There have been some changes to FUT this year, with new modes, tournaments, and rewards. To help you understand them, we’ve collected some info into this FUT guide with essential tips and tricks to build the best ultimate team as well as some advice on the way to make FIFA Coins as fast as possible.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Tips

  • Play through all the challenges that are given to you at the start of each game. There are so many new features to get your head around, so see you through them during the early hours of the game.
  • If you’re going to spend some time in a game, or organize your squad, try some players in the transfer market. This will help you save a lot of money while waiting for the bidding to end is worth it well.
  • Instead of buying Player Packs early on, try to target specific players in the positions that you need.
  • All players can only be used at a certain time amount. You can check out information on how many games each player has left by moving the right stick and hovering over a card. Apply contract consumables to extend this.
  • Focus on chemistry first when starting out. Keeping high chemistry is key if you want to be sure that you can enter every event when it comes.
  • When it comes to chemistry, when you have maxed it before heading into a game, then you can swap your players around without affecting chemistry.
  • You will have to use Fitness Cards in order to heal injured players because they will only naturally recover by being in the main squad, that isn’t ideal.
  • You can get more FIFA Coins at higher difficulties, therefore, if you are up for the challenge, just go for it.
  • Listing your Bronze players on the transfer market once you get them is a great way to make money.


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Behind the Game: From Leader Board Golf to Links 2004

Our minds haze over the flaws of games gone by, so that they remain in a fuzzy stage of nostalgic remembrance. In that place of memory, you recall the fun of the game and not its technical shortcomings. It’s better that way. Bringing your mind to bear on fondly recalled titles today might just leave you bitter, as you begin to recognize the limits of their time’s technology. And yet, the unquestionable underlying quality of certain games seeps through even the archaic abilities of consoles and PCs gone by and shines through to the present. These are the titles that don’t depend on technology, but instead use it to bring already great gameplay to life. LinksĀ® is one of these titles. It’s the elegance of the game and not some newfangled chip that makes it great; so we look back now on the history and evolution of this storied golf franchise.

Leader Board

Before it was Links it was Leader Board, and before it was published by Microsoft it was created by a little company named Access Software. Leader Board was the genesis of the franchise and stood proudly as one of the very first realistic and faithful presentations of the game of golf. In fact, it virtually pioneered commentary in sports titles (no pun intended). Using its patented “RealSound” process, Leader Board could actually use the PC speaker to offer voice commentary about your game.

Links: The Challenge of Golf

A new decade, a new gameā – 1990 introduced the use of 256-color VGA graphics, improved physics modeling, and a name we’ve all grown to know: Links. This installment, the first one sporting the Linksname, cemented the series’ reputation as the ultimate golf simulation. It also introduced the C-style swing meter, which has become a staple of almost all golf games and can still be found in the latest PC version of Links.

Links 386

Of all the genres and subgenres of games, you wouldn’t think that a golf simulation would be the one to push video cards and hardware to their limits. You wouldn’t think that a golf game would spark the SVGA revolution, but that’s exactly what Links 386 did back in 1992. Links 386 came complete with near-photo-realistic (for the time) graphics, male and female golfers, and a special treat for those who had the CD version (remember, games still came on 3 Ā½-inch floppies back then). With this new technology, you could listen to the comedic stylings of comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, who lent his talent to the “caddie” that came with the CD version.

Links LS (Legend in Sport)

The Links LS series, which spanned multiple versions between 1996 and 1999, included a number of firsts for the franchise. To the excitement of series fans, Arnold Palmer joined the family, further legitimizing the Links franchise. The LS series also introduced a brand-new graphics engine and employed Access Software’s Virtual World technology. This allowed the player to take virtual tours of Mr. Palmer’s trophy room at Latrobe Country Club and the clubhouse at Kapalua Plantation. With the release of Links LS 1998 came the Links Tour, which allowed for online competition and stat tracking (including leader-boards), and helped establish an active community of online competitive golf addicts.

Links 2001

Links 2001 once again represented a substantial evolution for the franchise. Like the first installment of Links LSLinks 2001 retooled and rebuilt the game’s graphics and physics engines. The new graphics tools gave course designers the flexibility they needed. No longer would course environments and designs be restricted by technology. Links 2001 also included the much anticipated and exhaustively feature-rich Arnold Palmer Course Designer.

Links 2003

In some ways Links 2003 marked the end of an era. This was the final version of Links to appear exclusively on the PC. Links 2003 introduced the real-time swing, whereby the movement of your mouse determined the accuracy and power of your shot. You would trigger your player’s backswing by pulling the mouse back; then swing and connect with the ball by pushing the mouse forward. Not only was this simple kinetic motion more realistic, but it made for a much more personal experience as it directly mimicked the action of your character.

That brings us to the present ā€¦ and to LinksĀ® 2004, which is poised for release. Links 2004 is the first appearance of this venerable series on the Xbox, and while that may end the franchise’s near-exclusive existence on the PC, it also begins an exciting new chapter for both the series and Xbox owners. The grand tee-off is only a few short weeks away, so don’t worry. You’ll be able to grab that driver and school some fools in the art of golf very soon.

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