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Posted by on Nov 29, 2019 in Gaming guide |

Instructions for beginners to playing BattleField 5 (Part 1)

Instructions for beginners to playing BattleField 5 (Part 1)

Battlefield V is the newest member of the popular EA game of the same name. The game was first introduced at EA’s Play, taking place right before E3 2018.

Battlefield V will be set in World War II, the battle is said to be the most brutal and expensive. human history. You will witness the horrors of war through the eyes of men and women during World War II; All create a remarkable blockbuster in the end of 2018.

Points to note

First, Battlefield 5 is a FPS game quite different from other FPS games like CS: GO, Crossfire so you need to be prepared to receive the difference.

The configuration required of this game is quite high, it is best to have a GTX 1060 6GB VGA to be able to play relatively smoothly in Low Settings (about 70-90 fps for 1080p).

In BF5, there are 4 different classes: Assault, Support, Medic and Recon (Sniper). In addition, you can also drive tanks, fighters, bombers, etc.In this tutorial, I only talked about Sniper.

The main item

Select Recon class, you will have the first sniper is Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I.

This gun has the advantage of multiple bullets, 10 bullets / magazine, fast rate of fire, very suitable for playing short-range maps such as Devastation, Fjell, Rotterdam.

The downside is the distance is a bit difficult, bullets drop a lot, zoom long range is only 6x. Reloading is also quite long because 1 time 10 rounds, but you can load each bullet finished by changing guns.

In BF5 there will be a maximum playing level of 50, the maximum level of the class is 20, the maximum gun level is 10. To unlock support skills, you need to play the gun level to at least 4.

To upgrade skills, go to Your Company -> Choose class -> select the gun and go to Specializations. Remember that when the level of the gun is up to 2 or 3, come here choose skills now.

The supporting skills, I choose the left branch because I play proactively, without zeroing (adjusting the viewfinder focus), need fast reload speed and fast fire.

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Posted by on Nov 3, 2019 in Gaming guide |

How to play Battlefield 4 Multiplayer? (Part 1)

How to play Battlefield 4 Multiplayer? (Part 1)

Battlefield 4 is a game that is loved by many FPS game lovers. With beautiful images, realistic physical effects, Battlefield 4 attracts players to astonishingly. Especially can not fail to mention multiplayer multiplayer is rated very high in this game. Join to find out interesting information about how to play Battlefield 4 Multiplayer in the article below!

The first impression of someone who has never been to Battlefield 4 is the difference. Battlefield 4 possesses something very attractive to players that make them even more eager and only get out after plowing continuously for many hours.

The design of the gameplay of Battlefield 4 is extremely attractive but never forces players to work in groups. It is possible that the influence of the gravity element on the projectile has brought a new sense, diversity in military equipment as well as overwhelmed by the vast map in the game.

These elements were featured in the game Battlefield 3, so Battlefield 4 feels familiar to the first player.

Although less recognized than before, single play is still an integral part of the game Battlefield 4. Campaign Campaign can be said to be the most bland FPS experience in the Battlefield versions ever.

Before Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1 was the game that marked the flashy and elusive return of the cult series of First War. So let’s see the Battlefield 1 review of gamers to see if this game is interesting!

Battlefield 4 single player mode has a total of 7 missions and a playing time of no more than 8 hours. Once there, the player needs to move forward, take out anything on the way and enjoy the cut before the same process repeats.

In particular, how to play Battlefield Online also has spectacular staging fire burning Hollywood. Along with the screams shouting the spirit of teammates with each other in a critical situation and there are times of sacrifice, treason, etc.

All are awkwardly assembled, making it easy for players to see the awkward from the first mission. One of your teammates will have to sacrifice for the other 3 to live. However, whether anyone cares because the appearance of the sacrifice character is only a few dozen minutes.

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Posted by on Oct 19, 2019 in Gaming guide |

How to play Car Battle mode in Rules Of Survival (Part 2)

How to play Car Battle mode in Rules Of Survival (Part 2)

Always keep in mind the map and the circle in the game

At the start you will appear in any position with the group on the selected vehicle instead of skydiving as before. Of course we can’t jump the whole car.

The task of the player is to loot and destroy the enemies

Your job now is to use the weapon to smash crates to get guns, ammunition for the entire team in his car. Only one member who is designated as a driver will be able to do nothing but act as a driver.

Break down wooden crates to accept items

In Raid mode there are many support items for vehicles that you should know to use. Like springs to help the car jump, equipment to help the car recover from injury, equipment to help stealth vehicles or fuel tanks to add fuel to the car.

Use special items for vehicles

When encountering any enemy, do not regret the bullets but discharge all into the enemy car offline. Otherwise, the person who exploded in the car will be your team.

Detect enemies and exterminate with all fire

If you see a light pole you can move there, attack an iron chest and claim an extremely special reward, a helicopter.

The light column that appears is hearing

Helicopters will replace cars with similar functions, and the advantage is that they can fly at higher altitudes and observe, moving or picking up the same thing.

Airplanes are the greatest reward of hearing

Using aircraft will help you have a better view, easier to pursue enemies and enemies are more difficult to pursue, this is a great advantage from hearing.

Advantage of movement and vision

Car War is the rank mode, so Car War players need to know to be more serious in this mode. If you are eliminated early, you will likely be downgraded, so you need to know some basic ways to play Great Raid or use BlueStacks to play Rules of Survival to get better results.

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How to play Car Battle mode in Rules Of Survival (Part 1)

How to play Car Battle mode in Rules Of Survival (Part 1)

The way to play the Great War mode is quite simple, easy to understand and the rules are not much different from the normal modes in Rules of Survival. Instead of you or your team moving into the houses to find guns or pursue each other, you will be able to choose 1 of the 4 vehicles in Rules of Survival and use them to move and fight.

In other words, only using cars as weapons to destroy each other is how to play the Great War mode in Racing in BlueStacks.

Game mode Great War Vehicle

The War Mode mode is quite interesting when it allows the participants to know how to combine teammates, from driving to shooting other vehicles. An even more important thing is that using Bluestacks to play Rules of Survival also plays a big part in your victory.

Why should you play Rules of Survival on BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is the best Android emulation software available today with the latest version comes with an integrated xPack package that helps Rules of Survival run smoothly and help you play games like a PC game. Instead of wasting the space covered by your hands, you now have a 100% vision when playing on BlueStacks, especially useful when playing Raid mode.

How to play Car Battle mode in Rules of Survival

Car Battle Mode is also a new mode available for all accounts to join for free, just select the game mode Death Race Mode is available on the interface. of Rules of Survival then click Start to start playing.

Death Race Mode is completely free

In Raid mode there are 4 types of vehicles with different advantages and disadvantages that all 4 team members can see. However, to choose, only the leader of the team is possible.

Select a vehicle in Raid mode

A small note when playing Great War is that this mode is the same as the other modes in Rules of Survival when there are rounds over time, so whether you move loot items or find enemies, you need to pay attention and run to the safe zone timely.

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Tips for year 1 in Standew Valley (part 2)

Tips for year 1 in Standew Valley (part 2)

Your shipping box is a great asset

Although you can sell your crops, and other collected things to the shops in town, another option is to put them in the shipping box right next to your house. Overnight, the stuff will be bought by some mysterious souls. This will save you plenty of time on the next day to do other things rather than wandering between different stores to sell them. 

Upgrade your bag as soon as you can

You might reluctant to spend all your hard earned cash on a little bag but seriously, you would find it extremely helpful. With a new bag, your personal inventory slots is increased from 12 to 24, which is perfect for storing all those things that you collect and want to sell. It might feel like a lot of cash to spend at the start, but in comparison to the time you save, it is more than worthy.

The Community Centre is key to true progression

You’ll want to put a primary focus on the Community Centre as you play Stardew Valley. Although you can’t directly make lots of money, but it is crucial to unlock the full potential to earn more and to win in the world of Stardew. Several major features are locked until you complete one of the Community Centre’s six sections such as bridge repair options, bus repairs and so on.

Tending your Stardew Valley farm and nurturing it to blossom is quite stressful, but a lot of fun. It would be even more great as now you can play it on your iPad and iPhone. All you need to do is downloading it from the App Store.
The mobile version has been created by The Secret Police, in partnership with ConcernedApe, and publisher Chucklefish, to offer the same authentic feel as the PC and console versions. You’ll also be pleased to know that there are no in-app purchases.

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Hay Day game guiding for beginners (Part 1)

Hay Day game guiding for beginners (Part 1)

Hay Day is currently the most popular and popular farm game on mobile devices. Hay Day’s gameplay is similar to other fun farm games like FarmVille, Farm Frenzy, Farm Story, etc. and is developed on a sharp graphics platform, extremely eye-catching. We would like to introduce readers a brief tutorial on how to play Hay Day game on mobile so that new players can experience Hay Day easily and quickly!

Players should note, Hay Day is an online farm game. Your smartphone or tablet needs a 3G connection or a WiFi network while playing. Because it is an online game, Hay Day’s capacity is also smaller than many other farm games, does not consume much equipment resources and affects access speed.

Instructions for playing Hay Day game

The first lesson on the Happy Day farm is how to collect chicken eggs. Chickens are also the first friends that players own in Hay Day. The operation is simple, at the chicken coop, hold and drag the basket on each chicken to get eggs. When chickens are hungry, they will “plague” on the ground, hold and then drag the chicken food symbol (next to the egg basket) on each chicken to feed them and have the power to lay eggs for us to harvest again. Initially, you will be given a few chickens to raise capital. Want to increase this number, visit the online store in the lower-left corner, drag each chicken from the shop to the barn to buy them.

Your farm will often welcome visitors, whether it be farmers, neighbors, or a new friend. Touch these characters to see what they say.

The first guest of Hay Day will ask you to name the farm. Usually, this will be your default username in Game Center, but you can change it as you like.

To buy anything for the farm, from poultry like chicken, cow, pig, sheep, goat, bee, watchdog, cat, horse, rabbit, donkey, etc. to the barn, Fences, trees, buildings, decorations, etc. You can access Hay Day’s online store in the lower-left corner of the game screen. Items are sold in gold and are limited to individual levels. Others will be unlocked at higher levels, so don’t be impatient if they’re not ready for you to buy.

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