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Posted by on Sep 9, 2019 in Games, Gaming guide |

Useful tips for Stardew Valley – How to make money quick (part 3)

Useful tips for Stardew Valley – How to make money quick (part 3)

Mine the mines

You’ll get a letter on the fifth day of Spring in your first year, which tells you that all the stones blocking your access to the mines between the Northeast of the Carpenter’s Shop and the West of the Adventurer’s Guild have been magically removed. Thus, get ready for some gold mining time that can earn you serious cash – and literal gold in 120 unique levels of the mine.
Remember that the deeper you get down, the better stuff you’ll get. You will need to bring your hoe to dig and your pickaxe to smash rocks as well as some snacks to remain healthy.


At the very beginning of the game you’ll be given a fishing rod by Willy and you’ll want to spent time into it as it is a very lucrative hobby. The only problem is that it can be quite hard to master at first, but when you do it really pay off. To get started, head to the water and equip your rod, then hold down the action button and don’t let go until your cursor hits the top of the meter. By that, you’ll have a better chance of catching a higher value fish which of course, depending on where your line lands. Now all you need to do is wait for a fish to bite and quickly tap the action button. 
It would be tricky though because you’ll have to hold the action button long enough to keep your green border around the fish for the catch bar to fill up completely. If your bar depletes, the fish will escape. One small tip for you is looking for bubbling spots in the water as fish tend to bite more quickly there and be of higher value. Fishing can also be a brilliant way to earn some gold fast..

As soon as you reach fishing level two, you can buy the fibreglass rod from Willy which allows you to add bait to your line. When you reach fishing level three, remember to buy crab pots.

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How to play the whole GTA, perform GTA Vice City (Part 2)

How to play the whole GTA, perform GTA Vice City (Part 2)

On the car

– Move: As above

– Handbrake: Handbrake: Space or Num +

– Forward: Num 8

– leaning back: Num 5

– Tilt (rotate the barrel) to the right (Lean right / Turrent right): Num 6

– Tilt (rotate the barrel) to the left (Lean left / Turrent Left): Num 4

– Look to the left (Look left): Q or Num 1

– Look to the right (Look right): E or Num 3

2. Ride In Vice City

One of the habits of new players is to press the throttle button continuously, even when the car is blocked by another vehicle, trying to push it to one side. This method is very harmful and takes time. You should get into the habit of driving at a moderate speed, avoid collisions and brakes if necessary.

Turn quickly: when approaching the turn, release the forward button, press the hand brake button (handbrake) + left/right. When the car turns enough angle 90, release the other 2 buttons and accelerate. Using this method you will crab very quickly. Each vehicle has a brake at different levels and different traction.

– Get off the motorbike quickly: with the car, push the button out of the car while the car is running, Tommy will jump out of the car and lose some blood. For motorcycles, there is a way to not lose blood: push back + down, Tommy will always land with 2 legs and not lose blood. Very useful when you’re in a hurry and a few seconds of measuring the ground (if you dance in a normal way) can cause you to fail the task.

Car anti-roll: When the car is tilted to the left, press forward + left. When the car is tilted to the right, press + right. The car will regain its balance, but don’t push it too hard, so the car will lean to the other side.

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Useful tips for Stardew Valley – How to make money quick (part 2)

Useful tips for Stardew Valley – How to make money quick (part 2)

Plan it right

Don’t just randomly drop those seeds, be wise of where you plan them as they can grow some extra bob if you are careful about your seed placement. For example, When planting cauliflower, melons, and pumpkins, plant them in 3×3 squares which give chance of growing a giant crop. You won’t know whether it’s worked until harvest day, but it’s worth a shot to give them some extra space. As you know, giant crops take up to 9 squares to growth.

Don’t worry about animals too soon

Although it is tempting to invest in livestock, it is a waste to streamline your money on that expeditions. Wait until you’ve got more gold rattling in your pocket. Investing money on them while you are still low in cash is a big mistake as you must also invest in building their homes, feeding and so on which is pricy. 

Especially when winter comes, you’re going to get stuck when there is not enough grass to feed growing menagerie which means you must buy costly hay from Marnie to get through the season. Each stuck of hay cost 50g and your animals will soon drain out your savings throughout the year. Is it a risk that you are willing to take?

Prioritise wood

You’ll want to start chopping down trees and stockpiling wood as soon as you’ve finished planting and watering your crops. Wood is a super important resource for unlocking new buildings and items; thus, try not to sell it unless you’re super desperate for cash, because you’ll quickly  need woods to be able to craft incredibly useful items like storage chests. 

Unlock the beach bridge first

Start repairing the bridge to the left hand side of the beach as soon as you’ve got 300 wood. The bridge give you access to the Tidal Pools, which is home of numerous valuable items like coral, sea urchins and other shells. Collecting and selling them for extra cash through your shipping box, or selling them directly to the fisherman, Willy, at his shop on the pier

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Useful tips for Stardew Valley – How to make money quick (part 1)

Useful tips for Stardew Valley – How to make money quick (part 1)

The succesful version on PC, Xbox One and PS4 of Stardew Valley has inspried the development of adorable watercolour farming simulator on Nintendo Switch. The port will bring both Ninty fans and fans of Stardew Valle all the portable farming fun that they could have ever hoped for.

Stardew Valley is a farming sim similar to Harvest Moon, in which player inherit a farm and learn to tend the farm, raise animals and crops, and build reputatiom in the local community. At the start, you need to get to grips with everything that Stardew has to offer, and we’re here with a bunch of tips to make your life a little simpler.

How to make money quickly in Stardew Valley

To getting started, player will be given 500g or 500 pieces of shiny gold which will quickly burn out after a few purchases. And, you’ll be left scratching your head as to how to make more without waiting for days for your harvest to grow. Although, there’s technically no quick way to rake in the gold in Stardew Valley, but there are a few things that you can do to usher the cash into your account a little faster.

Invest in crops as soon as possible

Quickly pack your bag with turnip seeds, and plant those straight away. After plan them on your little garden, Don’t forget to water them with the can, otherwise they’re never going to grow.
After that, invest your money wisely and carefully in more seeds. Initially, we recommend investing in two or three Cauliflower seeds as they cost 80g, but worth much more to sell. Also pick up some potatoes which is great as there’s a chance they’ll yield another potato spud, meaning you get more dollar. Plus, they only take six days to grow, meaning you’ll soon have more gold.

Learn about the most valuable crops per season

The cauliflowers are the most valuable crops for spring, but you must know about the most valuable crops of other season as well if you’re going to make a kill in Stardew Valley. Take a look at the minimum price of each crop in each season in the first year and bear in mind that things like green beans, hot peppers and other crops will yield more than one crop per harvest.

Another trick is to save up for the Greenhouse, which allow you to grow crops regardless of weather and season including during the winter.

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Far Cry 5 guide and tips for new players (part 2)

Far Cry 5 guide and tips for new players (part 2)

Using AR-CL instead of AR-CS provides you with a very humble beginning, the maximum amount of ammunition to carry is not much and only 2 guns, so you can talk about your very weak weapon first time. Instead of using an AR-C gun, prioritize the AR-CL sniper rifle.

In fact, this sniper rifle is the AR-C that is modified to be a sniper gun so it is much more versatile. AR-CL has all the features of AR-C and has an additional viewfinder and sniper mode. VienAR-CL in addition to the existing AR-C features such as interlocking, using intermittent gun bullets, it also has higher accuracy and the viewfinder is available.

You only need to buy a silencer, and there is a gun that can be used as a sniper to shoot at close-quarters like normal submachine. Its advantage is the use of rifle knitting that almost 80% of the enemies use this kind of gun, pick up bullets that are guaranteed to never be lacking.

Big guns are “big” and actively “mistakenly” Instructions Far Cry 5 has the other part is different from the others, especially in this place, you need to have at least one gun with heavy damage (6 or more) to defend yourself. It could be a magnum shotgun, an M60 machine gun or a sniper rifle using a bullet. The reason is that the heavy soldiers appeared very early in the game, not waiting for the following parts like the previous versions.

You need to have at least one heavy-duty gun to defend yourself, as many guns as possible. It takes money to buy a “mistake”, fortunately Far Cry 5 still maintains that you have a new gun to shop and open it in the shop without buying. So if you are lucky “smelly” to get a gun from a few heavy men, you just need to take it to the nearest gun store. Then attach accessories, paint something to taste. You also need to quickly open the 3rd and 4th slots to be able to carry more weapons.

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The best indie games to play right now (part 3)

The best indie games to play right now (part 3)

Have you got fun playing Exploration, survival, and building games that we introduced last week? We hope you have.
This week, let’s continue with our top pick of Strategy games.

Into The Breach
Released: 2018 | Developed by Subset Games

Gamers in this brilliant bite-sized roguelike strategy game must play to save the human race from an invasion of the alien. Developers make the game feel like a puzzle game by presenting with clear information on what the enemy is doing every turn; but still, it’s well-balanced with strategy in which you must find a solution to get you out of a mission alive. Players have a option to unlock and choose from multiple teams of mechs whose abilities play off one another incredibly well. Each squad has its unique playstyle for you to freely mix and match.

Slay the Spire
Released: 2019 | Developed by Harebrained Schemes

Slay the Spire is a brilliant singleplayer deck builder with so much to offer, including daily challenges and custom runs. The exciting thing is how much power you can accrue through smart deckbuilding such as absurd combos. However, there also possibility that you create terrible decks as you ascend the spire, picking new cards along the way and finding relics that encourage certain builds. There’s so much strategy to learn which could take up to tens of hours to reach the endgame; but still starting a new run is so much exciting.

Released: 2018 | Developed by Harebrained Schemes

Gamers will head of a mercenary company, sending roster of mechs across a singleplayer campaign into planetary combat, then managing the monetary and mortal aftermath of that spent armor such as broken mech legs, dead pilots, plundered parts of your enemies and so on. Players complete escort, assassination, base capture, and other missions for cash, salvage, and faction reputation.
The combat is an incredibly granular game of angles and details, in which mechs have 11 different armor segments, weapons and ammo housing in individually destructible locations. The orientation, heat level, speed, and stability of the mechs also decide the final results.

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