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Complete guide to fulfil the tasks in GTA V (Part 3)

Complete guide to fulfil the tasks in GTA V (Part 3)

If you include the sea floor with dozens of underground caves, coral reefs and an undersea ecosystem, the area of ​​GTA V is 5 times larger than Liberty City of GTA IV. Although large, but the areas in GTA V are designed extremely detailed and meticulous. There is even an animal ecosystem in the game for players to hunt or be hunted.

Random missions are also coming back from GTA IV and are taking shape such as hitchhiking, investigating an accident or helping a superstar flee from the paparazzi.

In the free time players can go online via smart -phone, take pictures and upload to Social Club – a social network for members to play games of Rockstar or play golf, play tennis, practice yoga, race cars, skydiving, participate in triathlon or examination breaking the sea floor with dozens of surprises waiting.

Entering the stock market, investing in commercial assets will make you money, even a lot of money and from there, you can make bigger deals, enjoy shopping or customize for your employees. object.

The fighting mechanism in the game has been redesigned, increasing the flexibility in melee combat and hiding skills when confronting with rivals that are always crowded in number. Players can make upgrades to weapons at weapons shops from ammunition, silencers, noses to laser lights, etc.

Rockstar has brought the ability to build vehicles from GTA San Andreas with more than 1,000 crystals. adjust enough to satisfy any fastidious players like changing paint color changing paint color, engine, changing wheels, hydraulic sets, bulletproof tires, glass color, shock absorbers.

Players can change characters according to Hobby by buying clothes, changing hairstyles or tattoos for characters. Proceeds from the robbery will help you own more real estate, buy a garage to store the cars that are owned by players.

GTA editions are always appealing to players because of the varied radio channels built from talented DJs that bring a whole new set of popular hits. GTA V continues to promote that by bringing players 16 radio channels of all genres and 240 hit songs that have been copyrighted.

If you do not have the time to wander about listening to the radio, you can completely sit at home and enjoy the television programs built by Rockstar extremely diverse humor that mainly to satiate the problems that exist in American society today.

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Complete guide to fulfil the tasks in GTA V (Part 2)

Complete guide to fulfil the tasks in GTA V (Part 2)

Most of the missions in GTA V revolve around the topic of robbery. However, things are not as simple as in the movie. Players from the beginning of the game were acquainted with the fierce level of the new version.

The head-to-head opponents with the machine have become much smarter and really not delicious. Machine AI is always merciless in most situations, knows how to coordinate groups, move flexibly between cover points and organize the encirclement of the player in order to see you off the fastest route.

Back to the robbery mission. Players will have dozens of jobs to do before performing the mission, from choosing the target, planning, hiring, preparing equipment and then proceeding. In missions, not all missions require all 3 main characters or only 3 people can perform.

So the developer Rockstar North has given players the option to hire. Each machine comrades each have their own skill indicators and based on the mission requirements as well as how to perform which players will choose to hire.

The more skilled members are more demanding the rent. After each mission, members will be divided and upgrade their skills. If a machine AI is hired multiple times, their skills will surely increase and ensure the success of the task if you continue to trust them.

Our trio of imperfections each one looks, from posture, posture to skills. Each main character has different skills as follows.

Power represents melee ability; marksmanship is the ability to fire a cypress bullet; fitness helps you swim, run, and cycle longer; Stalking skills greatly influence the way you perform tasks, confront or hide in a smart way; flying is the ability to fly an airplane;

The driver shows cunning resources to flee or race, repairing is the ability of the machine and lung capacity to show how much swimming is available. Plus, for the first time in GTA has the appearance of a special bar – special.

Having the ability to slowly regenerate after each use, the special bar represents the unique skills unique to each character, when activated will give Michael the ability to bullet time, Franklin slows down time while Drive and Trevor can freeze time and double melee power.

In order to accommodate the variety of robberies in GTA V, Rockstar has designed an extremely large map approximately the size of the previous GTA versions plus Red Dead Redemption.

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The best sport games (part 2)

The best sport games (part 2)

Virtual Tennis 3
Virtual Tennis 3 is absolutely the best tennis game with the combination of an arcade game and a simulator which is suitable for both, the more serious as well as casual gamers. 

The main career mode allow the player to travel around the world playing tennis against the biggest talents with customize function to alter your player in detail to an unique mannerism and with a lot of cool licensed tennis equipment. The graphics have been greatly upgraded to the nearest photorealistic style. 

World of Fishing
It’s one of the more unusual sports games – Fishing – which is obviously a very specific kind of quiet activity, but when it comes to this genre, players would be hard pressed to find anything better than World of Fishing. This game is a combination of fishing simulator and a MMO with hundreds of items, character development at fishing locations around the world. If you are beginner, the in-game tutorial will get you up to speed and catching some 450 types of fish and dozens of quests. Moreover, the daily missions will keep you playing World of Fishing for a very long time.

NHL 09
NHL 09 is the latest version of the renowned ice-hockey game that has been launched on the Windows / PC platform. Now seven years has gone making the release the game appear a bit outdated in terms of graphics, but it does not alter the fact that this is the best ice hockey games on a PC with great gameplay and controls on an online multiplayer mode. Besides, it is also featured offline mode that you will probably attract to play for months before changing to the online mode. The most interesting is the Dynasty mode where players can take control of everything from trading players, signing agents and so much more.

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Complete guide to fulfill the tasks in GTA V (Part 1)

Complete guide to fulfill the tasks in GTA V (Part 1)

The following is a tutorial on how to complete the GTA V Game Task that we have collected, hope it will be helpful in your gaming process.

GTA itself is always a breakthrough game that many games later learned. With Grand Theft Auto V, the first point to mention is that the player can control not one but three main characters. Listening is normal because shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield always let players enjoy that feeling for a long time.

And the developer Rockstar North has made things different than that when players can alternate between the three main characters in the game almost anytime without encountering any conditions.

The conversion mechanism is also very attractive, every time the player switches to the desired character, the camera in the game will switch to the top-down perspective and zoom up like a satellite and zoom out at the location of the object want to jump to the same way you use google map.

Players also don’t have to worry about the other two characters because Rockstar North has developed GTA V so well that the main characters as well as the NPC in the game have dozens of jobs to do.

Speaking of the three main characters, they are all people with different personalities and styles but combined to create a perfect bandit. Michael, a retired middle-aged bandit, receives the protection of a well-off but unhappy government.

Not receiving the respect of two children, the unfaithful and bored wife with a leisurely life in the Vinewood Hills (modeled after Hollywood, Los Angeles – the residence of many stars in the entertainment industry). Franklin is a young man living in downtown Los Santos who is a frustrated car broker with his gang situation and desire to rise in the underworld.

Finally, Trevor, an old friend of Michael, made a living in the Blaine County desert by selling drugs and hired hackers; He has a very sick temperament and a bit of bloodthirsty but also quite funny so it will get quite a lot of interest to the player.

With the GTA versions before the protagonists were all newbies when they first arrived and tried to climb the ladder in the criminal career. GTA V takes a new direction when all three main characters are the territories of Los Santos, so the way to search for life of fame is completely different.

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Instructions on how to play Baccarat at online casinos

Instructions on how to play Baccarat at online casinos

Baccarat (also known as Punto Banco) is a card game available in most casinos. Baccarat online is an easy game to learn and a fun way to play.

Here, we will tell you all you need to know to become a standard baccarat gamer, both online and in real life. We will also tell you a bit about the history of this game and the rules.

Play baccarat online

Playing Baccarat online is easy, although it never becomes a big game like roulette or blackjack in online casinos or real-life casinos. It was originally a game for big gamblers, making it famous in the gambling capital cities of the world in Macau and Las Vegas. It is very popular with wealthy gamers and Asian players. In recent times, the game has a great attraction thanks to the wave of favorite films most popular in the global cinema, Agent James Bond 007. Baccarat is the card game that Mr. Bond has chosen.


About the game

Baccarat is a game involving big bookmakers, and you often see baccarat tables in the fenced area in casinos, separate from roulette or blackjack tables. Baccarat is becoming more popular than ever, especially in countries like Ireland where it became a big thing these days, Thanks to the advent of online casinos, Baccarat is now a game for anyone who wants to play. Online casinos are places where you can play this game today and most people play from the different casino apps from their mobile devices. The origins of Baccarat are a bit unclear, and many casino historians are not sure exactly how this game came about, or how the other wagering games affected it.

Average profit

Baccarat is a very easy game to play and to learn, and as an added appeal, a casino takes only a small average profit from players – about 1.06%. Baccarat/Punto Banco can be considered a more complicated game at first, but when you understand the rules of the game, you will realize it is a very simple pastime gambling.


How to play Baccarat

The basis of this game is to bet on the winner: the player or dealer, or if there is a tie. Playing Baccarat online will give you a great opportunity to win a large sum of cash in one game, especially once you are familiar with the rules, and learn to perfect your playing tactics.

The rules of Baccarat

This game is played with 6 to 8 decks of cards, and the table is divided into three different betting areas: the dealer (Banco), the player (Punto), or the draw (Egalité). The dealer and each player will take two cards. The sum of the two cards closest to point 9 is the winner. If two cards add up to more than 10 points, the first number is deducted. For example, if the sum of 2 cards is 8 + 8 = 16, the score is 6. If you have a Betting card and a four-card, you calculate 0+ 4 = 4. If the dealer and players have the same points, those who bet on the house or on the player will get back their bets.

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Instructions for beginners to playing BattleField 5 (Part 2)

Instructions for beginners to playing BattleField 5 (Part 2)

In that you just need to note that level 6 opens the M95/30, this is a very worth to play with many advantages that I will analyze later.

Next is level 9, which opens Throwing Knife, throwing knives instead of throwing grenades. This is suitable for you when the opponent approaches that you have not loaded.

The last important level for me is level 20, opening the Kar98K, this can be called the best sniper rifle for BF5 up to this point.

Pistol, you can choose Ruby, M1911 or Revolver depending on the shooting style, just try it and choose the most appropriate gun for you.

Now the map is familiar, you should choose Breakthrough play mode is the most popular play mode today. This mode is on the defensive side and on the attacking side. When the attacker occupies all the points, it will clear that sector and move on to the next sector.

The defending side needs to be able to prevent the other side from capturing all the flagpole at once.

Thus, you need to determine first where your spawn is, where your opponent’s spawn is. Map BF is very large compared to CS or CF so determining the direction is important.

You also need to observe a Mini map to know how your teammates are deploying, where there are barrels of ammunition and blood vessels. Remember to shoot sniper very quickly out of bullets, so if you do not play with Squad have teammates, you must pay attention to the points and blood.

Need to play at least each map 5-6 times to get used to these points, in the advanced tutorial video I will introduce some important points for sniper later.

Note that the sniper class but the same team (squad) will save each other (revive) each other so if feeling safe, please take some time to save your teammates and earn 200 points. Of course, if it is too dangerous, within the range of fire bullets, then it should be ignored.

The way to shoot sniper here is different from most other FPS games and it creates the characteristics of BF. Sniper here hit only takes 60-70 blood, only headshot is 1 shot 1 kill. Therefore, sniper headshot in BF is a must-have skill and that’s a trick.

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