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Posted by on Jan 2, 2021 in Games, Gaming guide, Mobile games |

Become the king of oil with the Oil Mania slot game

Become the king of oil with the Oil Mania slot game

Most of the richest people in the world are involved in oil at some point in their lives. Having oil means having money and the sharpest minds know it.

NextGen’s Oil Mania slot game is trying to capture the lives of tycoons chasing oil.

When you load Oil Mania on any device you want, you’ll see that it has animated graphics. Regardless of whether you choose to play that game on your Android smartphone or iPad, or even your computer, this game works smoothly. As soon as you load it, you will notice the area where the oil can be dug out on the platform. You will then see scrolls filled with colorful icons, each matching the theme. You will find that you have 25 flexible payout lines to bet and by moving the slider left or right you can activate or deactivate the lines and choose the number of payout lines you want to bet. Below this slider, there is another slider, showing the coin’s values. You will see that the slider shows all values ​​between 0.01 and 10 credits, so you can set any coin value you want out of these.

To the left of the bet configuration button you will see an “i” button. By clicking or tapping on it, you will open the payment panel. Here, you will meet the oil tycoon, playing the role of the Scatter icon. It will only appear on the middle roll and will help you trigger bonus games. You will see the Wild symbol only appearing in bounty games, and then you will see the worker, all tinged with oil. This icon gives you 2,500 coins for a combo of 5 types and is the highest payout symbol. The tycoon’s car is the next best emblem, giving you 1,000 coins, followed by suitcases full of cash and a graph showing oil price progression, giving you 250 coins for the best combos. A and K oil-coated royals give you 200 coins, Q and J 150, and pay the lowest of them, 10 and 9 giving you 100 cents.

The simple gameplay that Oil Mania offers revolves around a bonus symbol and a Wild symbol that is quite helpful in activating and helping you throughout bounty games. So the oil tycoon is the bounty Scatter symbol, when it appears on one or all of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels, will trigger the Wild Symbol Up feature. Only in this feature will you see the Wild icon appear on the reels. However, when it does appear, it replaces all icons on the scroll, including the Scatter icon.

Oil Mania offers simple gameplay where the action revolving around Wild symbols and bounty symbols will eventually take you to bounty games. With an RTP of 95.66%, a low to medium variance and a flexible bet, the Oil Mania is the perfect position for low players. If it is one of them, you’ll be happy to know that the slot is compatible with all mobile and desktop devices, so you can enjoy it wherever you are!

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Posted by on Dec 8, 2020 in Games, Gaming guide, Mobile games |

Admire the unique fireworks display with the Wild Rockets slot game

Admire the unique fireworks display with the Wild Rockets slot game

Everyone is taught about the dangers of playing with fireworks, but in the case of the Wild Rockets slot game, a little daring could lead to huge profits.

With hundreds of winning combinations and a history of massive payouts, it’s no surprise that Wild Rockets turn out to be a truly successful NetEnt game.

First up is the setting, Wild Rockets players will find themselves inside a fireworks arsenal, with two fireworks-loving animators looking to light up the city’s skyline. You will likely hear the doves gently pat the rafters. New players will notice that the reel on the Wild Rockets is a little different. Unlike standard gambling games, here five reels form an inverted pyramid. It may sound odd, but this is actually part of the 720 slot game winning settings. Every time you see the same symbols on three or more consecutive reels, whether running from left to right or right to left, you get paid. And the maximum offered is a whopping 480,000 coins, beating the jackpots of the most popular progressive slot machines. Not bad, right?

As for betting, the coin denomination ranges from 0.01 to 0.50. There are four levels of betting. This means you can start recording from 0.50 to 100.00 per spin. Like in most games, the betting process can be accelerated using the Max Bet and Auto Play functions. You can spin up to 1000 times without having to lift a finger and conscious bettors can set a number of conditions for managing their budgets. Suitable for all different players.

Natural Wild Rockets also has a few interesting features. Icons include traditional card symbols from 10 to A and five different types of fireworks as pay symbols. The three Scatters symbols award ten spins, four 20 prizes and five 50 prizes. Each win in the Free Spins comes with a smoother fireworks display that increases in intensity as the proceeds increase.

However, you should pay attention to the Wild symbol, which is in the form of a group of rockets that can be launched up or down, turning any symbols in their path into Wild. If Wilds appear on three center reels simultaneously, a large amount of money will be added to your bank account.

In a nutshell, with its unique pyramid design and an impressive 720 ways to win, some cool bonus features and huge jackpots, the Wild Rockets slot game is sure to make you can’t miss.

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Posted by on Oct 14, 2020 in Games, Gaming guide, Mobile games |

Rail Rush – Adventure game with endless gameplay on Mobile

Rail Rush – Adventure game with endless gameplay on Mobile

Rail Rush is an action game that combines exploring mines, finding and collecting gold on your trolley.

The game has beautiful graphics, many levels and different scenes that will take you to many lands around the world, promising many interesting things waiting for you in the game Rail Rush.

Rail Rush has an endless running gameplay similar to other runner games released by Miniclip. In this game, you have to try to go far, score very high in each game and have to collect a lot of gold to buy the necessary items to support your future trips.

Coming to Rail Rush, your job is to collect gems, so please get all those gold and gems. There will be more surprises along the way and special gifts for you to collect. Break the stone eggs to see what’s inside them and complete your own gem collection.

Swing Star is a game that is not for impatient, impatient players. Controlling the character Swing Man in Swing Star overcomes challenges from easy to difficult to reach the destination is not an easy journey. Proficient use of swinging skills is a prerequisite for you to conquer 100 levels in the game.

Explore new and exciting paths in Rail Rush, pass many levels of the game to earn gold with many different interesting environments and environments such as gliding through caves, fighting zombies, crossing dangerous jungle Traverse through snowy lands alongside other colorful background levels.

Players can equip their cart with items, or upgrade so it can go further, have a chance to go deep inside the mine, but do not forget to tilt to eat gold and swipe to avoid the Obstacles appear, complete quests and become a great adventurer.

Main features of Rail Rush

– There are 18 different characters for players to unlock

– 10 different scenes and many hidden levels

– Nice graphics and many achievements in the game

– There are items that increase power

Subway Surf Runner is an attractive obstacle run game with lightning speed, overcome the complicated and complicated tunnel traffic system and escape from the control of the fastidious inspector. Besides, Subway Surf Runner also has high-quality 3D graphics, smooth processing ability, simple gameplay, interesting and attractive.

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Posted by on Jun 13, 2020 in Games, Gaming guide |

Everything about characters in GTA Vice City Game

Everything about characters in GTA Vice City Game

Below is everything you should know about characters in GTA Vice City Game. Let’s check them out!

Alex Shrub: A famous character in GTA Vice city with special hair.

Auntie Poulet: The tycoon of the Hatians gangster, who made Tommy amnesia to dictate.

Avery Carrington: A Texan, who gives Tommy some of his first duties.

Cam Jones: The character Tommy was invited to perform a lockout in the bank.

Candy Suxxx: Vice City’s A/O star, working for Tommy’s studio later

Colonel Cortez: This is a rich colonel who assigns a lot of missions to Tommy.

Earnest: A character that appears in the printing factory.

Gonzales: The guy who sold Tommy in the mission at Vice Docks. It is also the character you have to kill in a mission assigned by Colonel.

Hilary: This is the best driving character in the game and will later join Tommy in the “the job” deal.

Leo Teal: As a chef you will have to kill him in a mission.

Lady Ice Cream Ice Cream: Cherry Popper ice cream shop owner.

Ken Rosenburg: The lawyer character has given you the first major tasks.

Lance Vance: A person who is on the same line as you, but later will betray you and kill it.

Love Fist: Rock band with many scandals such as drug use, drunkenness, even hire us to get drugs.

Kent Paul: As a friend of Rosenburg, give Tommy a lot of information about what he is looking for by the job

His name is in Malibu Club.

“Big” Mitch Baker: The boss of the Iron Biker, is in charge of protecting the Love Fist after getting our help.

Phil Cassidy: The heavy weapon boss, who is the main weapons supplier for us.

Ricardo Diaz: The fee-for-money assigns quite a lot of tasks to Tommy, but eventually gets defeated by Tommy and takes over his building, then becomes the hegemon in Vice City.

Sonny Forelli: The old friend and the one who brought Tommy to Vice City trading

Steve Scott: The adult film director, who will work at Tommy’s studio.

Tommy Vercetii: Our character transformed into a prisoner who has been released from prison after 15 years.

Umberto Robina: Boss of Cubans gangster.

Above are all the characters in GTA Vice City game. Hopefully, the article is informative for you!

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Posted by on Apr 23, 2020 in Computer Applications, Games, Technology |

Reasons why gaming on a PC is better than game consoles (Part 1)

Reasons why gaming on a PC is better than game consoles (Part 1)

PC games have better graphics than consoles — of course, if you have an enough powerful PC. This is one of the main arguments in favor of PC gaming, as the PC hardware can far outperform those of console like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. As a result, games on PC get better graphics settings with smoother frame rates, than that on a console.

However, gaming PCs usually come at a higher price. For instance, a great PC gaming features 1080p resolution screens compares to the same resolution that the PlayStation 4, original Xbox One, and Xbox One S — can cost anywhere near $550. Compared to the $200 price tag of consoles, a gaming PC suddenly doesn’t seem so attractive.

But, again, better graphics and smoother experience are available, if you’re willing to pay. And, at the same time, you save money in the long term when you play games on PC, as you’ll find out next.

The Steam game platform – Steam Valve Software
Steam is a platform where, among other platform that allows players to browse, buy, and launch their games, and it’s better than the stores application of Xbox One and PlayStation.

For one among many others, game sales are superior on Steam. During a sale, players can get older games with a significant discount compared to the price on console stores. For example, “GTA V” can cost around $30 during a sale compared to the $65 – original price on the Xbox store.

Microsoft and Sony have made great program with sales and discounts, but the deals will hardly be as good as you’d find on Steam.

You don’t have to pay to play multiplayer games on PC which helps save money in the long run. To play multiplayer games on console, you have to register for the paid Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services, based on which console you own. PC gamers don’t require additional payments to play games online.

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Posted by on Mar 16, 2020 in Computer Applications, Games, Mobile games |

Reasons Why We’re All Obsessed With ‘Adorable Home’ (Part 3)

Reasons Why We’re All Obsessed With ‘Adorable Home’ (Part 3)

You won’t feel single.

In selecting the character that technically builds and runs the house, the game also let player choose a partner to spend time with, prepare lunch for, and lovingly wait for until the partner comes home from work. There’s a lot of players are in love with this feature because, according to them, at least they’re not single in the game!

You’re able to imagine how things are when living with your partner.

Whether it’s not encourage by our parents claiming you are not mature enough or you’re in a long-distance relationship, some of us are not in that stage of lives yet. Still, we’re hoping some days to live with our partner. So through our Adorable Home characters, players get to experience the feeling, and it just warms our hearts!

People might argue that this game is just all hype, still, we do believe that the uncomplicated aspect of Adorable Home is what truly made it so incredibly attractive! As we wait for further upgrade that HyperBeard plans to deliver to us, for now we may enjoy living as calm and serene as our characters do in Adorable Home!

Tips and tricks for Adorable Home:

After doing your cat duties— including showering, cuddling, cutting the nails, and stroking—you’ll be asked to select between 80 and 160 hearts. Here’s a hint: Tap both options at the same time to get 240 “love“!

It’s better to buy pets before gathering things for your home because more pets equals more hearts! 

Feed your pets dried fish because they’ll give you with tons of “love.”

When preparing your partner’s lunch box, give them the most expensive food to get the most of their heart!

When cutting the pets’ nails, tap on them to make things so much easier!

For stroking, don’t forget all the points that gave you “love” because all pets like these areas—it will only change as soon as you’ve finished with all of them. 

If you have enough hearts to upgrade the house, buy the garden first to bring visitors to your home which means more hearts!

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