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Posted by on Jan 27, 2019 in Games |

Best Attacking Formation in FIFA 19

Best Attacking Formation in FIFA 19

Most FIFA 19 players adopt the strategies which favor strikers and attackers. Therefore, the default formation of your team may not be the best one for scoring goals. There are some tips on building an attacking formation so that you can set up the best formation for scoring goals in FIFA 19.

  • In this game, you have a ton of the individual tactics control at your disposal. You can switch up Formation on the go and set the custom formations to each Game Plans. So you’re no longer in need of locking yourself into only one rigid formation.
  • If you’re going with Attacking Game Plan, you had better go with a 4-2-3-1 formation. Keeping good width will help you feed the ball in from the wing which moves that line of four attackers in to score goals.
  • For your Ultra Attacking Play, you should go for a 4-2-4. This will ensure that there is a high density of attackers to connect with any crosses you send.
  • Assigning Fast Build Up to customize your attacking plays is a good idea. This can gradually speed up play when you get closer to the goal and also make your offensive moves more dynamic.
  • Instructions can be assigned to any players in your squad. This determines how they will react is up to the Game Plan you choose. We recommend the “Get in Behind” Instruction for strikers because this will help you feed through balls to your best strikers.

FIFA 19 Attacking Controls – Shot Types List and Shooting Controls

Knowing exactly which kind of shot to use in each situation is a good way to maximize your scoring potential. However, it won’t be worthy if you don’t understand the shot controls. That’s why we’ve listed the attacking controls in FIFA 19 below.

  • Shoot/ Volley/ Header – Circle/B
  • Timed Finish – Circle/B + Circle/B
  • Chip Shot – L1/LB + Circle/B
  • No Touch Feints – R1/RB + Left Stick
  • Protect Ball – L2/LT
  • Call for Support – R1/ RB
  • Finesse Shot – R1/RB + Circle/B
  • Cancel – L2/LT + R2/RT
  • Flair Shot – L2/LT + Circle/ B
  • Fake Shot – Circle/B + X/A




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Posted by on Jan 13, 2019 in Games |

How to Score Goals in FIFA 19, Best Attacking Formation (part 1)

How to Score Goals in FIFA 19, Best Attacking Formation (part 1)

Maybe you have the best FIFA 19 team, but you still won’t win if you, the player, cannot score goals. There is a swath of new shooting mechanics in this game, however, it’s easier to squarely plant the ball in the back of the net. To help you be able to beat the keeper every time, we’ve put together this Shooting Guide of FIFA 19. This guide will show you the way to score many goals, to use timed finishing, to perform goal celebrations, and to defend well in FIFA 19.

How to Score in FIFA 19

Many FIFA 19 players feel comfortable using one type of shot for many times, which means that they could miss out on a lot of goals. Understanding multiple shot types is one tip to hit the back of the net every time. Therefore, it definitely pays to know your Low shot from Timed Finishes. We’ve listed some information on FIFA 19 shooting below for you to expand your attacking strategy and play style.

FIFA 19 Driven Shot – Best Shot for Scoring Goals

Driven Shot version is the new Low Shot of FIFA 19. It has been slightly tweaked, however, it remains one of the easiest ways to score goals in this game, especially useful when going one on one with the keeper, as it can find the bottom corner of the net almost every time. To perform the Low Shot, you must hold L1 and R1 and press shoot. Although only a first touch Low Shot by using a tap of the shoot button is also effective, you will want to hold the shoot button a little to charge your shot up. Make sure to slow down before doing this, and draw the keeper out of the goal. You will have enough space to slot it past them and should score nearly every time.


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Posted by on Dec 29, 2018 in Games |

FIFA 19 Essential Tips

FIFA 19 Essential Tips

We’ve collected and written down here a list of the FIFA 19 essential tips, from keeping up with the new gameplay features, to goal scoring technique.

  • Learn how to use Timed Finishing – The new Timed Finishing shot is defined by the double tap shot input. It has three success levels which are indicated by your player icon’s color on release. Timed Finishing is most suitable for shots outside the box, and increase a little bit the power behind the ball.
  • Driven Shot – The Driven Shot is really a beast. It’s now mapped to L1 + R1 + Shoot. You should shot for one on one situation, and is also useful for volleys.
  • Slow down – One of the most popular mistakes which many FIFA 19 players make is to rely heavily on the sprint button. You may easily lose the ball while sprinting, so just use it for attacking plays and goal approaches.
  • Ground Cross – If you are playing against another player, use the ground cross to fool him. Ground crosses (double press cross) can be a great way to mix things up when your opponent mostly expect you to loft a cross in from up high.
  • Use Tactics – Among all series, FIFA 19 has the deepest tactics options. Before each game, look at the dynamic tactics menu and tweak to your play style to make a huge difference.
  • Quick Tactics – While playing, remember to use the quick tactics.
  • Up, Up – One of the most useful tips in FIFA 19 is pressing Up twice while attacking. This will help players to get into the box, and make a huge difference while crossing the ball.
  • Turn the difficulty up – If you want to get better at this game, you should have the difficulty at Professional. It will take you out of your comfort zone and make Career Mode much easier.
  • Learn the way to switch players with the right stick – Instead of hitting LB or L1, you can use the right analog stick to switch player. As you see can see, using L1 can only switch you to the player who are nearest to the ball and this isn’t always the best option. Flicking the stick towards the player who you really want to switch to is much better, and gives you much more options.
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Posted by on Dec 10, 2018 in Games |

Top 10 Puzzle Solving Tips (part 2)

Top 10 Puzzle Solving Tips (part 2)

Tip 6: Work Backward

Working backward is a popular technique you may gain from childhood maze puzzles. Identify the end of the puzzle, start from it and work through the steps in reverse order to find the beginning. This is a common technique that can be used to solve piping puzzles. In many puzzle games like Azada, you will find the following pipe fitting puzzle. If you find it difficult to solve the puzzle, try working from right to left instead of working from left to right.

Tip 7: Take Notes

It often takes many different attempts to solve a puzzle. Try taking notes in order not to repeat failed attempts. This is also a very effective technique when you are in a maze situation. Don’t waste your time trying to remember your movements but start recording every step you take. If you get lost, by that way, you can reverse your steps and get back to the beginning. With an actual maze, you should draw an actual map.

Tip 8: Don’t Give Up

This technique sounds kind of silly, but some people often insist certain puzzles are “impossible” or “broken”. It’s not true! All puzzles are thoroughly tested to make sure that can be solved. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the puzzle is unsolvable. Although some puzzles are really very challenging, they all can be solved.

Tip 9: Guess and Check

This is a classic technique that many people have learned in grade school mathematics courses. It may not be very efficient or reliable, but sometimes it’s all you have to work with. The nicest thing about this technique is that it requires just a little effort and can be a great way to relax your mind.

Tip 10: Big Fish Games Forums

If you are stuck and just need to know the answer, join the Big Fish Games Forums and try posting your question here. You can get an answer quickly from the other players.

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Posted by on Nov 27, 2018 in Games |

Top 10 Puzzle Solving Tips (part 1)

Top 10 Puzzle Solving Tips (part 1)

While computer games are an interesting form of entertainment, many people also enjoy the challenges they pose and the feeling of accomplishment when finishing the game. However, sometimes completing the puzzles can be quite difficult. If you are a fan of puzzles, please consult these ten tips for getting through some common puzzles.

Tip 1: Have a Plan

Of course, not any strategy is going to work all the time. The list here will give you a few ways of thinking about the puzzle solving process. Before you solve a puzzle, just stop and think about the puzzle before you begin. Instead of taking a wild stab at the puzzle, identify a good strategy that can help you approach the puzzle in the shortest way. Without a plan, you may succeed but hardly. It is said that if you think through the problem first, you’re bound to do well.

Tip 2: Don’t Over Think

The puzzles mainly don’t require advanced problem-solving skills. If you think you need to use advanced skills to solve a puzzle, you’re overdoing it. Although some puzzles can be tricky, they rarely require advanced computational skills.

Tip 3: Look for Patterns

A repeating pattern may lead to a solution. Instead of looking for a complicated series of steps, try looking for a pattern. Moreover, by recognizing patterns of movement, you can move pieces and realize how this movement will change the puzzle. By analyzing the movement of the pieces, you can see the way the puzzle pieces interact when moved. The more pieces you get into position, the more difficult it becomes to move the remaining pieces.

Tip 4: Group Items

Looking for ways to group objects in a puzzle is helpful sometimes. If you notice that there are only two types of objects in the puzzle, just think what will happen if you put them together? So, try grouping objects with common characteristics.

Tip 5: Check Your Inventory

What are you carrying? Is there anything in your pocket that can help you solve the puzzle? Check to see if the puzzle solving key is hidden on you! Maybe you need objects found outside the house in order to solve the puzzle.


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